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(2003-02-28) URL obscuration turned off by default, bug fix and CookieMonster filter improvement by Christian Mallwitz.

(2002-05-14) works now with obscure urls and contains a new Anonymizer filter that is obscuring urls during your surf with configurable obscuration options.

(2002-03-02) httpssniffer has been merged with Muffin and is now using Muffin framework. This allows HTTPS filtering. This special version is only downloadable from this site.

What is the httpssniffer project?

httpssniffer is a kind of https proxy server that allows you to see the content of http requests and responses. Normal https proxy won't allow you that because from the RFC specifications they are only tunneling an ssl connection.

It is an open source java project initially created in February 2002.


I was looking for a tool allowing me to "sniff" https connection in order to debug my program. The only one I found was proxomitron and it was not working properly for my test. After several days of searching the web, I decided to code it myself. And it proved to be quicker to code than to search thanks to the Muffin open-source project.

To do

The current version is working well enough for my needs and probably for yours too. However there are still things to improve in the long run.